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Crucible Type Continuous Aluminum Melting & Holding Furnace
「MEL-KEEPER(New Version)」


“Mel-Keeper” is a compact aluminum melting and holding furnace with graphite crucibles specially designed to melt continuously. It consists of preheating tower and crucible furnace realizing energy saving, less metal loss, higher metal quality and easy temperature control. And periodical furnace repair is not required. It is suitable for die-casting, metal mold and sand mold castings.



Type Melting Capacity Holding Capacity Melting Crucible Holding Crucible
MK-100 100kg/hr 280kg MK-M1-1 MK-K 1-A
MK-150 150kg/hr 280kg MK-M3 MK-K 3-D
MK-200 200kg/hr 420kg MK-M3 MK-K 6-J
MK-300 300kg/hr 570kg MK-M3 MK-K 8-L
MK-350 350kg/hr 720kg MK-M6 MK-K 9-T

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