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Small-Middle size aluminum melting and holding furnace
「NM Furnace」

We realize a total maintenance.
NM furnace is an energy-saving non-crucible type furnace which combines melting and holding functions. With our own made furnace and refractories, it enables operators to save time and effort and make easy total maintenance.
NM Furnace
High quality own made refractories back up its performance
Our own made refractories are used for entire melting and holding chambers (except for the lining above the holding chamber metal line). NM furnace exhibits optimum performance with our refractories. It has characteristics of securing higher quality molten aluminum with lower metal loss and the easy maintenance.
AR Firebrick
High performance with molten aluminum penetration resistant type
Our ALUTEX-SAL has special additives to prevent penetration and adhering of molten aluminum and aluminum oxide.
Aluminum penetration test
Tested alloyAC7A(Si:0.06%)
Holding temperature1,000℃
Holding time100Hrs
EvaluationEvaluate by the increased Si amount of molten aluminum. (Si increase is better)
Our technology realizes non-aluminum and oxide sticking.
Other company product
Aluminum and oxide sticking are observed.
Distinguished structure secures strong support for molten aluminum quality and proper maintenance
It secures stable molten aluminum quality and has our unique technology to maintain the furnace with good condition for longer period.

Entire refractory repair
Furnace body life can be prolonged because refractory lining can be replaced. So, no entire furnace replacement is required.

Removal furnace lid
Higher quality molten aluminum is secured because periodical oxide removal work can be done.

Compact size high quality burner
Numbers of used parts are less than half compare to the other similar type furnaces. This will make maintenance work less and easier.
Various ideas to improve labor and energy saving
Realizing incorporated technology based on our high level R&D and accumulated experience.

Power saving double blower
Electricity consumption is less than 1/3 compared to the other similar type furnaces. Melting and holding combustion can be controlled separately.

High efficiency combustion control
High efficiency burner secures less generation of aluminum oxide and energy saving at the same time.

Complete sealing top damper
Reduces heat loss during melting and holding and utilizes energy saving.

High efficiency preheating tower
Special design secures approx.20% energy saving compared to the other similar type furnace.
Reference schematic
Model Capacity Holding Capacity Melting Burner Capacity Holding Burner Capacity
NM-200 200kg/h 600kg 100,000kcal/h(116kw) 800,000kcal/h(93kw)
NM-300 300kg/h 800kg 150,000kcal/h(174kw) 150,000kcal/h(174kw)
NM-500 500kg/h 1500kg 250,000kcal/h(290kw) 150,000kcal/h(174kw)
NM-700 700kg/h 2000kg 300,000kcal/h(350kw) 200,000kcal/h(233kw)
* Specifications and layout can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.