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Products for facilities, transfer and pouring process in an ironmaking factory.
Blocks / run-out tubes for cupola, induction furnaces, ladles, and
ramming materials.
Crucible for High Frequency
Induction Furnace “White Phoenix”
Products (Dry Ramming) for Coreless induction furnace with cast steel and stainless steel.
G-PAX Series
(Patching material for repairing)
Monolithic refractories for cupola
(Castable, Ramming material)
Shaped / monolithic refractories for melting of coppers / copper
alloys and aluminum.
High-technology products to meet the high needs.
Phoenix series
White Phoenix
(For poly-silicon melting)
Thermo Tube (Submerged type)
Monolithic refractories for non-ferrous
(induction furnace for copper alloys)